Saturday, January 7, 2012

*** Things Happen .. Change ***

Some things happen with a bolt of lighting.
Some things happen like a drips of water.
It is called Change. Change always happens
You can not change , change. Change _________
That is what is so great about a New Year 2012
One has to embrace it with pain or gain
The New personality does not need the Old
Change your life by what you are thinking, self talk
you are what you think, say and yes EAT
so Watch what you think, say and yes EAT
Body = Mind = positve
Negative = Negative = Negative
What works / what doesnt Be Aware
Stay Clear and be Positive hey Positive wants Positive
so Stay Clear .... Believe always Growing and Changing be Positive.

Up coming Classes at O'Tooles Herb Farm 2012

Right now I have reserved some dates for a few paint classes in Madison at O'Tools Herb Farm

Feb. 10th 1-3 pm Herbal Heart
Feb. 17th 1-3 pm Topiaries
Mar   3rd 10-noon Water Cans
Mar  24th 10 - noon Wildflowers
April  9th 10-noon Bunny Rabbit
April 27th  10-noon Red Birds

More dates to come.
Cost of the class inclueds all material and you take you artwork home with you.
classes range from $35-$45.

If you have any suggestions please let me know, or if you have a specail event coming up great for birthdays or any occasion.