Monday, December 26, 2011

Re Capturing Madison Florida

Re Capturing Madison, Florida...  Yes the Ol' Town of Madison.... not Madison, GA haha , Florida we are in Florida just right on the Georgia line. About 20 years ago my son Zachary was born, and about that time I meet a lady and man named the O'Toole's . They owned a herb farm in Madison and herbs were really the craz at that time, although they still are today. I started taking classes at their cozy Herb Farm, we would eat very good food, take home herbs to plant. At that time I told Bee O'Toole , I am going to move to Madison one day, she snickered at me as we look out onto the rolling hills, right next to the Suwannee River, she said it is the place to live.  As I look back on those days I am now nestled into my cozy homestead in the heart of Madison, Florida.

I wrote this the Sunday before Christmas I went on a little show and tell with my friends Sandy #1 and Sandy #2..we went house hopping, visiting each others homes. I live in a 1910 cottage decorated mixed folk art/primitive stuff.  Sandy #1 lives in a cabin with lots of animals and her family members, she decorates on a cabin style decor.  Sandy #2 lives in an old cottage cabin, with her animals too.  Oh how funny I also live with my animal to my Roco my dog, he will be a years old Jan 2, 2012. This day full of visits was so much fun. We visited gardens, petted goats, horses, dogs, chickens, geese, cats 23 to be exact. Lots of inspiration packed into that wonderful time of visit.  It was really fun to have a Girl Day one to remember the weather was perfect and we had a splendid time.

As I went out to my back yard area to continue to lay my path to my garden, I sat quietly at my stoop and thought of all the people I wanted to thank, Dona for all you do on my pages and your continued support and listening to me. I love you for all you have done to push me up this past year, and to my customers who continue to support me in all i do, I am so thankful for each piece your purchase and allow me to create for you.  Thankful for my beautiful family for the support and love you show me .  All the Best to my people at Amygene's so thankful for each and everyone of you. Thank you all for all the support and inspiration...

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